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Water Tanks
It's not just a water tank, it's a Highline water tank

Rural and domestic prefabricated water tanks for easy transport.

Rural and industrial prefabricated water tanks Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

The Highline advanced tank liner material keeps water tasting fresh and clean. There's no smell, no contamination, and no bad taste.

All Highline tanks are manufactured from durable, fully corrugated Zincalume steel in a full range of Colorbond colours. All tanks come with a 10-year warranty.

You have a choice of a dome or cone roof, and they range in size from 5,000 litres to over two million litres.

Ask about our tank and shed package deal.

Commercial Watertanks

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Used widely in the mining, commercial, industrial and rural markets throughout Australia, Highline's innovative watertanks come in modular kit-form enabling them to be packed down to one hundredth of their completed size for easy shipment.

Commercial liner:

This supported food grade PVC 650 liner is primarily used in conjunction with larger commercial design tanks. The woven, super tough scrim gives this liner excellent wear resistance without stretching or tearing. Used extensively in tanks up to 2 million litres, this heavy duty fabric is ideally suited to tanks of almost any size.

Both standard and commercial liner designs are resistant to a large range of chemicals:

  • Alkalis such as sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), potassium hydroxide and sodium carbonate;
  • Acids, (confirmation of chemical composition required);
  • Effluent from treatment plants (confirmation of chemical composition required);
  • Salts such as sodium chloride; and
  • Organic solvents (confirmation of chemical composition required).

Discuss your liquid storage requirements with Highline.

Highline 'Advantage' tanks

Highline 'Advantage' tanks Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

The Advantage dome roof is totally self-supporting, using a tried and tested truss system.

  • The low profile ensures you are not obstructing views.
  • Corrugated Zincalume or Colorbond roof and wall sheets for excellent long-life and durability in most conditions.
  • Trusses are hot dipped galvanised.
  • Custom made trusses to suit existing tanks (including concrete) are available.
  • Full Colorbond range.
  • Prefabricated and flat packed for transport.
  • Sacrificial Anode protection as standard inclusion.

filter basket

Look at these advantages

The Highline Advantage tank comes with filter basket to collect leaves and debris, a removable internal/external safety ladder and lockable sliding access hatch. Other optional accessories include a fire fighting assembly, a level indicator and vermin proofing.

The Highline under-eaves water tank

The Highline under-eaves water tank Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

This compact and durable water tank is manufactured from special 'food-grade' Aquaplate. It means that fresh, clean rainwater is always available at the turn of a tap. And nothing beats the taste of pure, fresh rainwater!

The 1300 litre family-size tank holds enough drinking water to last you a whole year.

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