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TE Technology, Inc. of Traverse City, Michigan, is dedicated to delivering the finest thermoelectric modules and cooling solutions to every customer, regardless of size. With over 40 years of experience in thermoelectric product design, prototyping and manufacturing, TE Technology has the experience and knowledge to deliver thermoelectric cooling solutions for all businesses, both large and small.

We recognize that our customers may not be thermoelectric experts along with the fact that thermoelectrics is a highly specialized field that has been used primarily by the military and NASA, until recently. Therefore, TE Technology has an ongoing commitment to research and development to provide the ultimate in thermoelectric modules for our customers.

Our dedicated and supportive staff will work closely with you to determine the thermoelectric prototype and product to fit your needs. Whether you require thermoelectric heat sinks, cold plates, Peltier coolers or customized cooling solutions, TE Technology offers you individual product design as well as our standard line of thermoelectric cooling assemblies.

We’re proud to utilize a worldwide network of sources that we have qualified in order to assure our customers that they are delivered the pinnacle of thermoelectric system value in the world.

TE Technology understands that the quality of your products depends highly upon the quality of ours. This is why our engineering and manufacturing team provides our customers - and your customers – with the high quality they expect. Our reputation for confidentiality is a mainstay, and we will execute non-disclosure agreements or whatever means necessary to protect your proprietary rights.

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