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Profile of Aireff detox Inc. Ltd.

We are pleasure  to introduce ourselves  marketing associates of  M/s. Aireff deTox  Inc Ltd. 
We take opportunity to introduce Airdeff detox as a fast growing company in the field of providing solutions to problems related to environmental protection. Their wide range of systems offered include Water / Waste Water Treatment Plants & Incineration systems. These find applications in industries diverse in nature Tanneries, Textile, Paper & Pulp Distilleries, Sugar, Hospitals and Government Agencies like Municipal Corporation, Water Supply and Sewerage Boards to name a few.

Aireff deTox group has been growing with consolidated  and objective vision of clean, green and healthy environment through in house technology development. As evident Air & effluents must be detoxified to meet the objective, has been the basic philosophy of the group which has leading scientists, engineers and strong multidisciplined task force well knitted under skilled management of experience techno-professionals.

Dr. Varsha S. Kamal; the Chairperson and Managing Director of group has been the force for every one in Aireff with her unmatched devotion, commitment and professionalism with thrust on R & D and the belief on 3 P, ( i.e. Recycling, Recovery and Reuse ) as to bring the ultimate workable solution to pollution problems. Not limiting the expertise to one aspect of waste management Aireff has rested its feet on a concrete foundation with take off technologies for liquid, solid and gaseous wastes generated by industries, communities or even individuals. Yearly growth rate of over 100 % maintained by Aireft covering large number of clients has been possible with post sales backup offered by special wing dedicated for the objective.


The matching infrastructure to cope up with the growth rate includes corporate office with over 10,000 Sq. ft. carpet area accommodating a task force of over 150 strong personnel

To ensure decentralized services, regional office for north India at New Delhi with team strength of over 25 and many other offices and sales & service centres all over India is the integrated infrastructure for Aireff operations.

Research & Development

In house R& D moderately equipped for all applied research and developmental work is located close to corporate office to ensure close interaction.

The R & D facility under Aireff Research Centre; facilitates treatability for liquid, solid and gaseous wastes with many analytical benches.

Design and Engineering

A team of Aireff under Projects Division well equipped with latest softwares has been tuned to AUTO CAD for all Civil Mechanical Electrical instrumentation and Process engineering. The project team cons of talented chemical mechanical environmental materials, instrumentation, electrical e are rightly reinforced by process wing dominated by microbiologists, ecologists, chemists and process scientists.


Aireff has preferred to quality assured registered vendors to involve in fabrication. The strigent quality control practices of Aireff still hold good at each of the manufacturing bases including four units under dechcated facility agreement.

The overall manufacturing facfl4 ensures atleast one project output per day always match to the growth deniand with over 94 % capacity utmution of each base on average. The cushioned capacity being a deliberate factor ensures only normal production presmire on Aireff during peak when the utilization crosses 120 %.

Quality Assurance

Aireff follows matched code of practice as regard to QA as third party inspection are offered prior to shipments all over the world SGS / ITS / DAE / NPC / etc.

Procurement and Sub-vendors

Procurement team with reinforced strength of quality control engineers avoid possibility at any step that an adverse impact on overall quality of project might be reflected due to substandard supplies of bought out components.

Accounts and Finance

The division with self identity ensures smooth transactions with every client on commercial front.

Post Sales Services

Aireff with service centres at many town of India and overseas represent the root policy of importance to post sales than pre sales.

Sales and Marketing

Aireff, over convinced that no separate wing can be created for marketing of technical projects the sales and marketing division remains only partially distinguished identity for coordination and follow-ups but dominated by project personnel to avoid possibility of short term objective of only selling.


The organization has solution and specific technologies for Effluent Treatment, Air Pollution Control Hazardous Waste, Incineration & Water Treatment.


Aireff is registered with many Government and Private agencies and consultants including:-

  • Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (Class - I Contractor for Unlimited Project Cost)
  • Bangalore Water Supply and Drainage Board
  • Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board
  • Uttar Pradesh Small Industries Corporation
  • As consultant for Design and Master Planning for Water Supply Scheme
  • State Pollution Control Boards of India
  • Chemtex Engineering Ltd. (Consultants)
  • Kvarner Power Gas Corporation (Consultants)
  • Many more

Effluent Treatment

Aireff  have developed most specific treatment for

  • Textile Industries - Aireff Tech 2001 - Zero Discharge/100% Colour Removal
  • Pulp & Paper - Pap Tech - Zero Discharge/100% Colour Removal
  • Sugar & Distilleries - SugTech 2001 - Zero Discharge/100% Colour Removal
  • Bulk Drug - Aireff BDTech - Safe Disposal/Partial Recycle
  • Chemical hduswes - Safe Disposal/Partial Recycle
  • Food Processing, Breweries, Dairies - Complete Recycle
  • Lanolin Recovery from Wool Scouring Effluent - Safe Disposal/Partial Recycle
  • Chrome Recovery from Tannery Effluent - Safe Disposal/Partial Recycle
  • Termination of Soak Liquor into Sodium SWRde in tanning Industry - Zero Discharge
  • Generation of Energy from Organic Waste.
  • Many other.

Air Pollution Control

Aireff  have proven expertise in concept to commissioning of high efficiency equipment for air pollution which includes.

  • Cyclone, Multiclones, Bagfilters and Scrubbers
  • Odour Control Ventilation Systems and Mist eliminators

Water Treatment

Aireff has proven capability to analyse and offer scientific solution to various water related problems might be related to industrial, recreational or domestic uses.

  • Potable and industrial water treatment
  • Water Softening & Demineralization
  • Defluoridisation & Iron removal
  • RO, Ultra Filtration and Membrane Based System
  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment
  • Commissioning water supply projects

Incineration Systems

Aireff detox indigenously tailor various types of Incineration Systems have to meet the requirement of users. Some of the wastes that been handled successfully include;

  • Halogenated and aromatic organics
  • Radioactive
  • Pesticides
  • Petrochemicals
  • Hospital and Pathological
  • Mercaptans and Solvent Fumes
  • Inorganic Sludge and Aqueous and Trash & Garbage
  • Rubber/ Tyre Waste

find their ultimate disposal through our low mass and fuel efficient Incinerators.




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