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Brunswick Ten-Pin Bowling Centre


We are pleased to introduce INCO MECHEL PVT. LTD.,  Mumbai as the official representatives and distributors of M/s.BRUNSWICK CORPORATION, U.S.A., a 150 years old, Fortune 500 Company, who are world leaders in the Leisure and Bowling Industry. We would like to present you with a proposal to set up a Ten-Pin Bowling Center as a part of a Family Entertainment Center (FEC), one of the hottest business opportunities today.

Bowling as a sport and entertainment is very popular the world over. It is the second highest participant sport in the world. You could be the pioneers in providing this sport your Project/Hotel/Resort/Building complexes, etc.



  • Brunswick was the official sponsor of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.
  • Brunswick has provided 16 lane alley at the Seoul and Barcelona Olympics free of cost for all participants in the Olympics as an exhibition sport. 
  • Brunswick as Industry leaders, have also equipped the 72 lane National Stadium in Reno, USA which is the world's largest Bowling stadium.



Bowling means different things of different people: sport, recreation, entertainment etc. But to most centre operators, bowling is a commercial venture with profit as the motivating objective. Bowling is admirably suited to generate a very high return on capital invested. Bowling is a major family leisure and entertainment addition to any project.

In fact most bowling centers operate with bowling lanes as only one of various profit centers based within the building. Essential to this concept are a fast food snack bar to a full service luxury restaurant and from an ice-cream counter to a sophisticated cocktail bar. A properly supervised area containing coin-operated video games is a significant contributor to overall profits along with American Pool, Snooker and Billiard Tables.





GS-98 Frameworx

Is the most advanced Bowling System with Anvilane, the hardest bowling lane surface in the world. Depending on the configuration it costs between US$36,000 and US$41,500 per lane C.I.F. Bombay.

GS-98 S2 Package

This package includes the GS-98 Pinsetter with Sandwich Synthetic Lanes (S2) with twin bench seating. Teamwork Scoring and Glow in Dark barricade. The package costs US $ 35,000 per lane C.I.F. Bombay.

Additional Expenses

Brunswick Engineer's supervisory cost is US $ 2,500 - 4,000 per lane inclusive of travel and accommodation but can be lower depending on number of lanes installed.

Bowling equipment attract Custom Duty of 52.28% and under Export Promotional Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme, the Duty would be 15% only.

A Bowling centre requires at least 100 ft. length, 12 ft. width and 12 ft. height per lane pair. We have a team of professionals trained by our Principals to serve you. Our Service Engineers have been trained by Brunswick in Europe, and would be available at your service at all times.

Our top of the range lane package consists of new Synthetic Lanes, Prefabricated Sub Foundations, State of the Art Automatic Scoring Systems, Operation and Cash Control Computer, Seating arrangements, Spare parts and maintenance accessories all manufactured and assembled within Brunswick works in Muskegon, U.S.A. Plus the latest in electronically controlled automatic pinsetter machines manufactured and assembled in Brunswick's German works.

Brunswick Bowling will supply and install the Tenpin Bowling equipment and will provide total support for the product in terms of spare parts and technical expertise including initial training of your personnel on all equipment from Brunswick's India Liaison office of Delhi & Bombay - backed by the UK support team.

Thank you for giving Brunswick Inco to opportunity to introduce itself and its services and we look forward to having the opportunity of discussing your requirements in greater detail.




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