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"Sea-Doo" Jet Crafts & Jet Boats 

Inco Mechel  are  pleased to introduce as exclusive distributors for Bombardier Corporation for their complete range of "Sea-doo" Jet Water Crafts. "Sea-Doo" Jet water crafts are known to be the safest and best performing Jet Water Crafts in the World. "Sea-Doo" is the world's leading brand of Jet Water Crafts.

Sea-Doo Personal Water Crafts can seat one to three persons and Sea-Doo Jet Boats one to seven persons depending on the model. Most models have common feature such as:

  • 85HP-130HP, 720 Series Rotax Marine Engine.
  • DESS (Digitally Encoded Theft-deterrent System) with safety Landyard Switch.
  • Fuel gauge with low-oil indicator light.
  • Variable Rate Oil Injection. (VRO)
  • 40mm Mikuni high-flow carburetor with accelerator pump.
  • Forward, neutral and reverse.
  • Extra large watertight storage compartment.
  • Stainless steel impeller.
  • Handlebar-mounted start/stop button.
  • New noise-reducing exhaust outlet and muffler design.
  • Stable hull and grab handle for easy reboarding.
  • Fire Exteinguisher.

Bombardiers are pioneers in Jet Water Crafts. Sea-Doo PWC's (Personal Water Crafts) win eight out of ten racing events. In addition, only Inco offers you Pre-Delivery inspection (PDI) and complete After Sales Service for Bombardier Jet Crafts.

We are in process in setting up an all India service network to provide spares and backup for our equipment. 

Here's a question for you: who makes the best selling Jetskis in the world? If you said SeaDoo you're right. You see, SeaDoo watercrafts are built by Bombardier - a 6 billion dollar Canadian Company with over 55 years of engineering experience.
It also builds the world-renowned Learjet aircrafts and Euro-Tunnel trains.

No wonder so many people trust the SeaDoo name.

Our Inspiration :
By nature, Dolphins know how to have fun. After watching Dolphins extensively, we found that their shape was perfect for the water ... Aquadynamic ... For powering through the water a high speed. We copied it. And we observed they were more interested in having a good time than in working. Our kind a mammal - your kind of Jet Crafts.

After your first ride aboard our SeeDoo GS, GTS or GTi models, you will experience the exhilaration of being in control - a result of the perfect combination of speed, handling, stability and reliability.

GS - A Big, Big Value GTS  Two's Company, Three's Outrangeous. GTi - One Part SeaDoo, Two Parts Friends.
If you're looking to get your feet wet, this is the boat to start with. Roomy seating for two, a large reboarding platform, easy handling, great stability and most importantly, a small price tag. The boat that introduced the world to three person fun. The GTS is back, and better than ever for 1998. Underneath its new custom paint is one of the most stable, smooth and versatile boats on the water. Everyone wants to spend more time with their family and friends - especially if they own a SeaDoo watercraft. SeaDoo sport recreation boats were designed to be a highly versatile, fun watercraft. So, if you want to show people a good time, we suggest showing them SeaDoo.    

F e a t u r e s
  • 85 HP Power O/P.
  • Two stroke, twin cylinder Bombardier Rotax
  • 718 cc, 720 Series Marine engine.
  • RPM limiter, minimizes engine from over-revving.
  • DESS - Digitally Encoded Security System (Theft Deterrent)
  • HI-Flo Mikuni BN 40-38 carb with Accelerator Pump.
  • Stainless Steel impeller for improved speed & acceleration, less cavitations.
  • VRO - Variable Rate Oil Injection.
  • Fuel Consumption (Unleaded 87 octane gasoline)
  • 10 Ltr/hr at full throttle
  • Extra large Water light storage compartment
  • New noise-reducing exhaust outlet and muffler design
  • Unsinkable stable hull. Non-slip hand grips. Seat strap, Grab handle and Reboarding platform for easy and comfortable mounting of the craft in water.
  • Instructional video & Safety booklets
  • One-year limited warranty

Telefelx Marine
M o d e l GS GTS GTi
Type Recreation Recreation Sport Recreation
Rider Capacity 2 3 3
Dry Weight 215 kg 220 kg 269 kg
Length 9 feet 10 feet 10 feet
Width 4 feet 4 feet 4 feet
Height 3 feet 3 feet 3 feet
Fuel Tank Capacity 56.5 Litres 46.0 Litres 56.5 Litres
Oil Tank Capacity 6.0 Litres 4.5 Litres 6.0 Litres
Speedometer Optional  Optional Standard
Fuel/Oil gauge Standard Standard Standard
Price in Rs.(Lakhs) 3.75 3.75 4.75