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We have pleasure to introduce ourselves as marketing associates of HUGH MACKAY CARPETS LIMITED. ENGLAND. Who are leading manufacturers of QUALITY CARPETS.

Permit me to introduce our Principal Huge Mackay Carpets. The looms of Huge Mackey in Durham have been producing since 1903 carpets of superb quality. The success of Huge Mackay is the result of their total commitment to the "pursuit of excellence" which began at the time with 11 weavers and 20 looms. Today Huge Mackay employs around 280 people , some of whom are the third generation of workers at the Company . with 50 looms the weaving capacity at Huge Mackay is actually 10,000m2 of Carpet per week, and all are produced according to the rigorous BS 5750 British Standards/ISO 9002.

While Huge Mackay continues to use traditional weaving methods , it has progressively introduced new technology in administrative techniques and production, with the result Huge Mackay is one of the main designers and producers in the world of top quality woven carpets, mainly in the contract market using Axminster and Wilton weaving.

With the aim of responding to the continuous changes in fashions, style and technology, as well as demands of the customers these traditional woven qualities are completed today by the introduction of a large selection of Tufted qualities. These are also made in the Hugh Mackay factory in Durham.

Just as it has an excellent reputation in the U.K., Hugh Mackay has been manufacturing for many years and supplying carpets for hotels, ships and offices all over the world.

Their commitment to overseas clients has never been more important and as a result our overseas sales represent around 30% of the total annual sales. (Approximately 16 million pounds) . 

In fact, wherever you are, Hugh Mackay can offer to each of its clients a complex carpet contract, from the preliminary design to the final installation , and we offer a complete after sales service should it be necessary.
Hugh Mackay's experience of carpeting in the hospitality market is unparalleled . Specialist carpets are designed and produced to specialist needs. All areas of hotels throughout the world have benefited from Hugh Mackay's specialist services and superior results.


  • Only the finest materials are used in Hugh Mackay carpets.

  • A choice of Axeminster, Wilton and Tufted constructions provide a variety of face yarns according to specific hospitality needs and applications.

  • Every Hugh Mackay carpet is manufactured to meet the British Standards ISO 9002: 1994 accreditation.

  • Thousands of existing traditional and modern Hugh Mackay designs are available.

  • Specific customer designs, logos or other requirements can also be accommodated.

  • Their colorist service can re-color existing designs to suit changing décor.

  • Both of their Design Studio's are CAD equipped and linked to the latest Auto Jacquard Looms allowing complicated panels and chlidemas to be taken from the design studio for input straight onto the loom.


  • Specialist Hugh Mackay staff understand the challenges associated to Hospitality carpeting and how to meet those challenges.

  • Technical staff ensure your carpet is planned and manufactured to the highest quality and in the most cost effective manner for its purpose.

  • A team of dedicated professionals keep you informed every step of the way and help ensure your carpet is ready din the right place at the right time.

  • They can undertake supply and fitting of carpets to ensure the best possible results.

Hugh Mackay has a long held reputation for supplying very high quality products. Their quality statements is very clear:-

" The company has three main quality aims. The first is to meet their customers requirements. The second is to get it right first time. Thirdly, we try to continually improve the quality of their carpets and services".

So when you think about using a good carpet manufacturer to supply your needs, you can be sure Huge Mackay cares about quality. They also emphasize the additional benefits of using Hugh Mackay.

  • A professional design service that can produce special designs of carpet saving you time and unnecessary consultants costs.

  • A specialist coloring service to assist in re-coloring existing or new designs to complement any interior.

  • A trailing facility to reproduce in prototype form your exact request.

  • A technical department to offer advice on all aspects of planning. saving you money and avoiding unnecessary waste.

  • A product development team who will assist in engineering a product specifically for a problem area. This may offer savings in terms of fuel costs, cleaning costs or longer life cycles in service.

  • A commitment to the highest quality of product and excellence of service.

  • The knowledge that over 90 years of manufacturing expertise has been called upon to produce your exact requirements.

The Hugh Mackay offer goes far beyond supplying standard qualities, designs and colourways. Hugh Mackay are the masters of carpet excellence. Their experience is un paralleled in providing carpeting for the hospitality market. To achieve superior results, allow us the opportunity of discussing their specialist services.

Both of our design studios in Durham and London are CAD equipped and we have a number of the latest auto jacquard looms allowing complicated panels and chlidemas to be taken from the design studio for input straight onto the loom.

You will find their pricing very competitive working directly with them the manufacturer. Their normal selling terms are FOR UK Port. Payment methods can be via credit if they can achieve insurance cover, pro-forma (cash with order) payments or letter of credit depending on the value of order.

Please find attached some bullet points relating to the benefits and service they can offer to both yourselves and your customers.

We look forward to receiving your valuable enquiries for Huge Mackay Carpets and any questions you may have shortly.


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