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C. M. Equipments & Instruments  (India) Pvt. Ltd.    List of Major Clients

Alman Plastic Pvt. Ltd.

Tray Dryer

Altron Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Humidity Chamber

AMP India Ltd.


Araco Polyflex Pvt. Ltd.


Aromatical Bangalore  Pvt. Ltd.

Tray Dryer

Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.

Vacuum Oven, Heavy Dutty Oven

Ashok Leyland Ltd.

Incubtor, Oven

BATA India Ltd.

Conveyor Belt Oven

Beaver Automotive Pvt. Ltd.


Bethel Products Pvt. Ltd.

Hydro Extractor


Heavy Duty Stirrer, Basket Centrifuge, Muffle frunace, Emulsifier etc.

Binfo Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Walk-in-Chamber, Cyclic Chamber

Birla 3M Ltd.

Humidity chamber, Water Soak Chamber and Humidity Oven.

Bowthrope Thermomatrics (India) Pvt. Ltd.


BPL PTI Chemical Inds. Ltd. Mandya

Mushroom Dryer

Brindavan Phosphate Pvt. Ltd.

Magnetic Stirrer, Oven, Vacuum Oven, Muffle Furnace, Water-Bath, Densitometer, Hot plate, Vacuum Pump, Water still etc.

Brooke Bond Lipton India Ltd.

Humidity chamber, Ovens, Incubators, Water still, Magnetic stirrer, Glass ware Dryers, Heating Mantles, Hot plate etc.

C.R. Seals India Ltd.

Agening Oven, Muffle Furnace


Cold Chamber

Central Horticultural Experiment Station


Central Marine Fisheries Dept. Cochin

Climate Chamber

Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, Palghat

Deep Freeze

Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, Palode

Mushroom Dryer

Central  Pollution Control Boards.

Humidity chamber, Bacteriological Incubator, Oven etc.


Humidity Chamber


Humidity chamber, Vacuum Oven, BOD Incibator, Bacteriological Incubator

Coats of India Ltd.

Oven, Drum Dryer

College of Agriculture, Shimoga

Mushroom Dryer

Cony Bands Pvt. Ltd.

Jig Dryer


Humidity chamber, Ovens, Walk-in-Dryheat chamber

Dept. of Physics Cochin University, Cochin

Oven, Muffle Furnace

Dhanvantre Botanicals Pvt. Ltd.

Cyclic Chamber

Dhanvantri Botanicals (P) Ltd.

Tray Dryers

Drachem Speciality

Tray Dryer

Easun Reyrolle relays & Device Ltd.


EID Parry India Ltd.


Elcot New Era


Electrionic Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Humidity Chamber Oven

Encee Aromatic Pvt. Ltd.

Basket Centrifuge

Enercon Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Engelhard highland Pvt. Ltd.

Rotary Shaker


Muffle Furnace

Exide Industries ltd.

Humididty Chamer

Fluid Control Research Institute, Palghat


Frontline Latex Products


Geological & Metallurgical Laboratories

Salt Spray (Fog) Testing Chamber.

GNB Technologies Ltd.

Oven, Heavy Duty Stirrer.

Good knight Inds. Ltd.,

Basket Centrifuge, Heating Mantle

Graphite India Ltd.

Heavy Duty Stirrer, Oven

Grassim Industries 

Tray Dryer

Grindwell Norton Ltd.,



Col chamber, Ovens, Incubators, Humidity Chamber, Salt Spray (Fog) Testing Chamber.

Harita Grammer Ltd.


Hindustan Latex Ltd.

Tray Dryer

Hindustan Lever Ltd.

Humidity Chamber, Ovens, Incubators, Tray Dryer with Dehumidification System,  Dryer with platform, Vacuum Oven, Cold Unit.

Indal Electronics Ltd.

Sieve Shaker, Salt Spray (Fog) Testing Chamber

Indfrag Pvt. Ltd.


Indo Danish Fisheries Project

Deep Freezer

Indo National Ltd.

Tray Dryer

Inpharma Pvt. Ltd.

Dryer, Tablet Hardness tester, Water Bath

International Instrumnets Ltd.,

Salt Spray (Fog) Testing Chamber

ITC Limited

Humidity Chamber, Moisture Testing Oven

Kanara Engineering Co. Ltd.

Oil Bath

Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Ltd.

Tray Dryer

Karnataka State Seed Corporation

Seed Germinator, Boyd Incubator, Walk-in-seed, Germinator

Kaveri Telecoms Ltd.

Oven, Water Bath, Walk-in-chamber

Kothari Biotech Ltd.


Kwality Biscuits Ltd.

Humidity Chamber

Mallya Fine Chemicals  Pvt. Ltd.

Climatic Chamber

Max India Ltd.

Oven, Humididty Chamber

MCNELLY Bharath Engg.

Stirrer, Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus

Motorola India Ltd, Electronic City.


Motorola Information Ssytems Ltd.,JP Nagar

Environmentl Chamber, Thermal Shock (Three Chamber method) Chamber Salt Spray (Fog)

Mysore Breweries Ltd.,

De-humidifier, Low Temp. Bath

Namdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd.


Namtech Electronics

Double Cone Blender

Nandhini Milk Products (KMF)

Seed Germinator, Incubator

Nestle India Ltd.

Humidity Chamber, Overns, muffle Furnace Vacuum Oven, Vacuum pump, Water Still

Nuclear Power Corporation, Kaiga

 Muffle Furnace, Water Still

Nutech Rubber Products

Oven, Incubator

OPTO Circuits

Dehumidifier with Cooling Humidifier

Praxair India Pvt. Ltd.

Tray Dryer

Raman Boards Pvt. Ltd.

Tray Dryer

Raman Research Institute

Humidity Chamber

Reckit & Colmann of India Ltd.

Humidity Chamber

Resonance Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


Surfa Coats Pvt. Ltd.

Humidity Chamber, Oven

TATA Electronic Development Service

Dryer, Incubators, Seed  germinator

TVS-Suzuki Ltd.

Humidity Chamber

University of Agricultural Science

Electrode Drying Oven

Wilson Distrillers, Mandya

Bacteriologiccal Incubator

Wipro Ltd.


Zeus Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Oven, Muffle furnace


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