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mfrd. by Roots Cooling Systems

Salient Features of ROOTS Air Washers

Product Specifications

Application Versatility




  1. Fill type system can attain very high saturation efficiencies as against conventional system.
  2. Compact pre-fabricated design to take less space, consuming only 40% of conventional systems.
  3. No masonry work required and can be located inside or outside a building.
  4. Power consumption negligible as compared to spray machine due to low pump power and low pressure drop.
  5. Maintenance negligible as no nozzles are involved and hence trouble free service.
  6. Noise level only 65 db near machines as there are no high pressure nozzles.
  7. Quick installation as machine is factory fabricated and tested and has flexibility in regard to re-location at a later date.
  8. Custom Built ROOTS-DEK machines are available in stainless steel and/on FRP casings.





  • The CELdek surface contact material is specifically engineered for direct evaporative cooling and humidification. Manufactured from special cellulose paper impregnated with insoluble rot prevention compounds, it contains stiffening saturants and wetting agents.
  • CELdek is made of corrugated sheets assembled in self supporting pads.
  • The sheets have a patented angle arrangement to direct water flow towards the air inlet side, which is where most of the evaporation occurs. It is also designed to flush away atmospheric dust.
  • The pad has a contact surface between air and water of 440 m2/m3.
  • The water distribution is specially designed for the Rootsdek air cooling machines.
  • The water distribution cover is made of Fibre glass reinforced plastic for high temperature conditions and anti-corrosive properties.
  • Metal parts are of 16 gauge galvanized sheet steel.
  • The water tank is made of 3mm Fibre glass reinforced plastic which is steel reinforced.







  • Comfort cooling and Ventilation
  • Centralised residential units
  •  Retail shops and department stores
  •  Office buildings, canteens
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Banks, theatres, and auditoriums
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Libraries and museums
  • Airports and railway stations 
  • Industrial Ventilation, Pressurization and Dust Prevention
  • General shop floor cooling and ventilation
  • Spot cooling of work stations and process lines
  • Spot cooling of hot spots and hot zones
  • Paint booths and paint lines
  • Textile mills humidification
  • Printing Presses humidification and ventilation
  • Laundries and dry-cleaning establishments
  • Generator rooms and gas turbine inlets
  • Warehouse and stores
  • Pre-coolers for refrigeration compressors 
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Poultry and livestock confinement buildings
  • Greenhouse and livestock confinement buildings
  • Hardening houses for tissue culture labs
  • Agricultural produce storage buildings
  • Hatcheries and egg rooms 



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