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Room Temperature:

When operating the Environmental Controller (De-humidifier), the room temperature will tend to rise on account of its moisture removal latent heat load and the electrical motor operating in the Environmental Controller (De-humidifier). The total heat load thus added to the room is given as under.

Air Conditioning:

Thus, while calculating and designing the air conditioning capacity of the conditioned room, an additional air conditioning capacity as mentioned in column 2 above should be added to compensate for the heat load added by the Environmental Controller (De-humidifier) to the room.

Environmental Controllers (De-humidifiers) are ideally suitable for manufacturing and processing of Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, food require an atmosphere of lower humidity. It is also imperative to have De-humidifiers in Packaging rooms, Instrumentation rooms, food grains, Seed Storage rooms, Warehouses where hygroscopic materials are stored.

Technical Data:

The Equipment is based on refrigeration principle. It removes the moisture content of humid air in an enclosed room and condenses of the moistures of the humid air into water continuously which drops into a tray. No chemicals or de-hydrating substances are used in the equipment.

The Environmental controllers (De-humidifiers) are capable of maintaining a relative humidity of 35% RH to 45% RH, the number and capacity of Environmental controllers (De-humidifiers) depending upon the cubic feet volume, the temperature and total number of occupants in the room.

The Environmental controllers are portable and can be started just by connecting them to 230 V 50Hz AC, Single phase supply. Occasional service and maintenance are required as generally in the case with refrigeration eqiupment like room air conditioners etc.


In a vapour sealed and air conditioned room, the following are the required conditions for installation of our Environmental controller depending on the total room volume and number of occupants in the room, the total number of Environmental controllers that will be needed for your room can be calculated.

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