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GASO  Energy Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.


We would like to introduce ourselves as marketing associates of GASO ENERGY SYSTEMS (I) PVT. LTD., PUNE. who are leading OEM for: -

  1. Dehydration Systems (Air, Gas and Liquid)
  2. PSA Plants
  3. Gas Generation Plants
  4. Gas Purification Plants
  5. Gas Enrichment Packages like Methane enrichment
  6. Solvent  Recovery Packages
  7. Natural Gas and Process Compressors

 Gaso offer the services starting from the selection of right process for your specific application, design & engineering, manufacturing, erection & commissioning along with after sales service under one roof.

 Gaso has collaboration / associations with various foreign companies for different product category as mentioned below:

 Gaso has technical collaboration with CarboTech Anlagenbau, GmbH for PSA Plants for South and South-East Asia.

 Gaso is the only licensee of Carbo Tech Anlagenbau in India to design, build and sell pressure Swing Adsorption Plants for Purification, Enrichment and  Production of Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Methane and carbon-dioxide, which is a Plant Building Unit of Carbo Tech Industrie-Service Gmbh.

 The range which GASO can offer under PSA plants category is as:

 A) PSA plants

  1.  Nitrogen PSA Plant up to 3500 NM3/H

  2. Oxygen PSA plant up to 500 NM3/Hr

  3. Hydrogen PSA plant up to 30000 NM3/Hr

  4. H2S removal system up to 70,000 NM3/Hr

  5. CO2 removal system up to 20,000 NM3/Hr

  6. He/Ar PSA plant up to 200 NM3/Hr

 For details , please  refer catalogue or contact us.

 For Air, Liquid and Gas dehydration / adsorption packages, they are closely associated / working with some of the best Adsorbent companies in the world, viz,  UOP, Engelheard, Alcoa, Norit.

 Gaso works so closely with these companies that if desired by the customer, Gaso  can even get vetted, their  design parameters from these adsorbent companies.

 Gaso has association  for peripherals  required for dehydration and PSA packages with the below mentioned company:

 *  Van Air, USA  for Filter, Auto  Drain Valves, Dew Point Meter, Differential  Pressure Gauge and accessories

 The range for dehydration packages which Gaso can offer is:

 B) Air Dehydration Packages

  1. Heatless up to 9000 NM/Hr

  2. Internally Heated up to 6000 NM3/Hr

  3. Blower Reactivated  up to 10,000 NM3/Hr

  4. Split Stream Dryer  up to 25000 NM3/Hr

  5. Heat of Compression Dryer up to 40000 NM3/Hr

 C) Gas & Liquid Dehydration Packages

  1. Gas dehydration packages up to a flow of 150,000 NM3/Hr.

  2. Liquid dehydration packages  up to 15000 lpm

 In the above mentioned adsorption plants, Gaso handles compressed, pressurized fluid and as a common corollary they do the Compressor Packaging.

 Depending on the capacitites and  type od fluid (air, liquid and gas)  to be handled, Gaso  has association with two foreign companies who are the pioneer in their  respective range.

  1.  Blackmer Compressor, USA for Vertical Oil Free Compressors.

  2.  Neuman & Essar, Germany, (NEA).

Normally, to be competitive in the Indian  market, maintaining the same quality as NEA standard packages, Gaso imports the bare compressors and design the peripherals like coolers, pumps pipe sizing and do the packaging at their works, under the supervision of NEA.

 Keeping this philosophy in mind, till now, Gaso has given  compressors  packaging for:-

  1. Oil India – 51 Nos high speed, API  11P, Natural Gas compressor

  2. Gail – 3 Nos., API 618, CNG compressors.

  3. IOCL Panipat and Mathura DHDS Refinery.

  4. Tisco (Coke Oven Gas Compressor).

  5. ATUL – Carbon-monoxide compressor.

 Currently Gaso are discussing with various  esteemed clients like yours for the upcoming projects in India.

 Other associate of GASO are mentioned below:

 * IOR, Australia for Micro and Midi Refinery

You will find that in the short span, due to the quality and commitment for performance, Gaso  has been getting regular  order from Reliance (for Patalganga, Silvassa, Jamnagar,  Thane), IFFCO (for Aonla, Phulpur (Repeat order), Kalol).

 Gaso has been working with various consultants like EIL, Comprimo, Jacobs H & G. Bechtel, etc to name a few.

Being on the subject we would  like to mention some of the  consultants with whom Gaso  has executed their projects

 *  EIL                                   COMPRIMO            PDIL                        DCL  
  DNV                                  BECHTEL               M.N.D                      TCE
*  TECHNIMONT ICB          NTPC                       BHEL                       H & G
*  DESIN                               GHERZI                   FITSCHNER / ABB 

And some of GASO’S valuable customer includes:

  Petrochemical                              Textile

     IOCL                                                     RELIANCE, PATALGANGA   

  Fertilizer                                    Power

     IFFCO PHULPUR                                  ABB                  MSEB
     IFFCO AONLA                                      PSEB                BHEL
     IFFCO KALOL                                      APSEB              NTPC

                                                       Steel                 TISCO


     TOCL. THAILAND                              TFIL , (RELIANCE GROUP)
     KPCL                                                    ATLAS COPCO
     L & T                                                     NEA, GERMANY
     NICCO-ONGC                                    GAIL

We wish to associate with your esteemed organization and look forward to registering with you.

Kindly send your vendor registration paper in the name of GASO ENERGY SYSTEMS (I) PVT. LTD.

Gaso has made a power point presentation  on:-

  • The basic of adsorption

  • Compressor

  • PSA Plants 

  • Gas generation, purification and enrichment plants

  • Dehydration packages 

  • Our capabilities in adsorption systems

This presentation will give you an idea about the insight of adsorption process which can be used in various 

As per your convenient time, Gaso can come over to your office for the presentation to explain in detail and for face to face interaction to clarify.

We are confident that Gaso will be able to add value to your thinking process based on their experienced.

Looking forward to your valuable enquiry.

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