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DOUBLE GIRDER E.O.T. CRANES                                             Mfrd. by HEBENKRAFTS

Structure: Box girders made from IS 226 plates. Intermediate long and short diaphragms and stiffeners for proper stress distribution are provided. Antivibration design. Rails fixed on top flange.

Hoist Mechanism: Rope drum driven through horizontal gear box and slip ring motor. Fabricated Rope drum has machine cut grovees. Totally enclosed oil immersed gear box with helical teeth. Flexible gear connection between rope drum and gear box.

Cross Traverse Mechanism: Wheels driven through vertical gearbox and squirrel cage motor through floating shafts. Totally enclosed oil immersed gearbox. Flexible geared coupling drive for Input and Output.

Long Travel Mechanism: Twin drive for spans more than 10 M, Wheels driven through horizontal gearboxes and Slipring motors. Totally enclosed oil immersed gear boxes. Flexible geared coupling for Input and Output connections.

Festoon Cable System with VIR-TRS flexible cables fixed on retractable roller type trolleys.

Electrical Equipment mounted on drive side platform.

Master control arrangement through driver's cabin or pendent push button station suspended from bridge or trolley.




Hebenkraft manufactures a wide variety of EOT Cranes.

Single Grider EOT Cranes Double Grider EOT Cranes Grabbing EOT Cranes
Hot metal Ladle Cranes Magnet Handling EOT Cranes Mon Box EOT Cranes

 Hebenkraft cranes can be specially designed to your specific requirements. Some of the special features include :-

a) Extra creep speeds with planetary gears, thyristor control or inverter control.
b) Low head room cranes with sinking trolley.
c) Twin hoist with electrical synchronisation.
d) Tandem control with 2 cranes operating simultaneously.
e) Electronic anticollision system.


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