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INGLE GIRDER E.O.T. CRANES                             Mfrd. by HEBENKRAFTS

Structure: Girder made from I beam and capping channel. End carriage double channel construction.

Hoist Block: Hebenkraft or other reputed makes, unitized construction with standardized components.

Long Travel Mechanism: Twin drive arrangement for spans greater than 10 M. Sq. cage motor drive through worm gearboxes. Electrohydraulic thrustor brakes for smooth braking effort.

L Type Wheel Assemblies With live axle design. Wheels from high carbon forgings and volume hardened. Entire assembly easily replaceable.

Pendent Push button: station with inching control. Separate push buttons for each motion. Main ON-OFF button. Mushrooms head Red Knob emergency button.

Festoon Cable arrangement through, VIR-TRS cable fixed on retractable roller trolleys.

Hebenkraft manufactures a wide variety of EOT Cranes.

Single Grider EOT Cranes Double Grider EOT Cranes Grabbing EOT Cranes
Hot metal Ladle Cranes Magnet Handling EOT Cranes Mon Box EOT Cranes

 Hebenkraft cranes can be specially designed to your specific requirements. Some of the special features include :-

a) Extra creep speeds with planetary gears, thyristor control or inverter control.
b) Low head room cranes with sinking trolley.
c) Twin hoist with electrical synchronisation.
d) Tandem control with 2 cranes operating simultaneously.
e) Electronic anticollision system.


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