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 Basket Centrifuge (Hydro-Extractor)


'G' valve from 345 to 415. Basket diameter from 300 to 900 m.m.-Dynamically balanced. Basket of M.S./S.S./M.S. with Rubber lining, 5 standard models. Also bottom discharge type.

Important Technical Information

Description: This is an equipment for Solid liquid Separation from various types of materials, working on the basis of centrifugal force. A perforated basket is mounted on a spindle and is rotated at high speed with the aid of power drive. The modern design and sturdy construction makes it an economical and efficient unit.

Application: Chemical, pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, and similar industries, as well as in dairies, textile mills, laundries etc.

Outer Casing: It is made of M.S. An outlet pipe is connected to the bottom to drain the liquid.

Basket: Made of M.S. or S.S., the basket is perforated with optimum size and number of hotels, so as to allow maximum outlet without making it structurally weak. The entire surface of the basket, including the periphery of each hole can be rubber-lined, to resist corrosion.

Suspension: The complete machine is suspended on three C.I., columns on alloy steel pins with heavy steel spring mounted on fabricated steel base plate, installed on a concrete bed.

Spindle with Bearings: The basket is mounted on a spindle made of special alloy steel. The spindle rotates in heavy-duty bearings placed in C.I. housing with suitable oil seals. Each bearing is accessible from outside to provide lubrication.

Drive: The centrifuge is driven by a T.E.F.C. Induction Squirrel Cage Motor. The driving V belts can be retightened by adjusting the motor. Centrifugal clutches are provided with BBC-24, BBC-30 and BBC-36 models to reduce initial load on motor.

Brake: Hand-operated ferrodo-lined brake is fitted to the machine and is controlled by a handle on the outer casing. If required, the brake can be electrically interlocked with the motor, to shut off the motor when brake is applied.

Special Features: 

  • Superior fabrication, Basket is made of boiler quality plates

  • All S.S. welds are tested for leakage by penetration test. Rubber linings are tested with spark test

  • All rotating parts are dynamically balanced to achieve vibration-free operation

Special-Duty Centrifuges:

We can custom-build special-duty centrifuges to customer's specification. Bottom discharge centrifuges as well as special sizes or for special purpose such as for plating plant can be manufactured on specific order.

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