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Miracle Mills (Hammer Mills) 


PREMIUM Miracle Mill is an integrated, compact 3-in-one unit which executes three operations (i.e. Pulverising, sieving & Collecting) with high degree of precision. It cool grinds anything grindable to a specified degree of fineness in one operation, using less power than a friction type grinder. Designed for high output, reliable performance and minimum of wear & tear, PREMIUM Miracle Mill is a proven profitable proposition for your industry! - and there are 11 alternatives for you to choose from.

Working of a Miracle Mill

The material is fed in to the grinding chamber of the Miracle Mill where it is reduced in size by an army of mechanical hammers which shatter the material to be ground in mid-air. The material is immediately reduced in size and is drawn out by a suction fan to sieve located at the base of grinding chamber. The ground material is conveyed pneumatically to a cyclone collector where it is dis-engaged and collected.

Normally for Junior & Medium models a dust collector is not necessary. However the requirement of dust collector depends upon the material to be pulverised. The standard and Super models are generally used with dust collectors where fine dust particles are separated from air. Yet in some applications, dust collectors may not be required if the material to be ground does not generate very fine dust.

Salient Features

  1. It is a complete grinding unit. It pulverises, grades and collects.
  2. Cool grinding of materials.
  3. Lower power consumption than any other grinder.
  4. Finished product - The degree of fineness is determined by the size of screen used. The screens are easily changeable.
  5. Pneumatic delivery-The blower carries the ground product from the mill and automatically delivers to cyclone collector. So conventional conveying machinery not required.
  6. The installation-The whole plant is compact simple to install and requires single drive. A set of drawings and complete operating & maintenance instructions are supplied with each mill.
  7. Operation - No skilled labour is required to operate these mills.


Conventional hammers come with only one cutting edge. Premium Miracle Mill has a unique design consisting of press-hardened steel maces which have several working edges. Hence, the hammers have a working life several times more than the conventional hammers. Manganese steel hammers can be provided for tough materials.


In Miracle Mill the product is removed by the suction fan immediately after it is reduced to specified fineness. The degree of fineness is determined solely by the size of screens used. By changing the screen, material can be ground to the desired fineness. The screen can be changed in less than a minute.

Close up of Hammers and Mill

The material is reduced to size on contact with a battery of hammers. The mill is self-protective. The hammers are hinged and fly backwards when foreign material accidentally enters the mill. There are four rows of hammers, mounted on a shaft. The number of hammers in each row varies from model to model.

Dust Collector

The dust collector works on the principle of passing the air through a fabric at a low velocity to clean the air while removal appears to take place by a straining action of the media, actually the collection is obtained by building up a mat of the material on the side of the fabric. The number of fabric bags provided, depends upon the model of the mill.

Wall Mounting Panel

For centralized control, Premium Miracle Mill can be provided with modern wall mounting panel. It facilitates easy starting, indicated by indicator lamps as well as shows load conditions on the mill, whether it is being fed regularly and at uniform rate. The panel consists of a Star-Delta starter, fuses, rotary switch, volt-meter, Ammeter and indicator lamps.

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