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* Ideal for mineral grinding.
* Pulverising material upto 300mesh.
* 3 Standard models.
* Capacity 500Kg. to 5000Kg./Hr.


'PREMIUM' brand roller pulverising mill does the grinding of minerals in a very economical method. The method is scooped up by specially designed plough and thrown between stationary ring and revolving roller. The particles are crushed and ground by the revolving roller.

The roller assembly is made of grinding roll mounted around housing which has a gun metal bushing. This resolves around the hollow roll shaft. Oil is filled in the hollow shaft which seeps between the shaft and gun metal bushing resulting in proper lubrication.

The roller assembly is suspended under the spider which is fixed to the main shaft. When the main shaft rotates the roller assembly swing outwards because of centrifugal action and exerts high pressure on the stationery ring. When the particles are thrown in between they are ground both because of pressure and abrasion.

High velocity air enters the grinding chamber tangentially creating a cyclone effect and carries upward the ground particles. Then the air enters classifier which is positioned above grinding chamber where the fines are transported out and coarser particles fall back into grinding area for further grinding.

The air carrying fines from classifier enters the cyclone collector and the clean air with minimum fines is sucked in by the blower and reenters grinding chamber. A vent system is provided after blower to regulate the pressure / velocity in the grinding chamber.

The system is a closed system and no outside air is drawn into the mill. As the whole system is under suction the dust particle from the mill does not escape out side the mill.

The capacity of the mill varies as per the number of rollers. Most common model has three (3) rollers. But two (2) & five (5) roller mills are used depending on need & application.

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