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(Electrical, Steam Heated or Electric-cum-Steam Heated Dryer)

Important Technical Information

Description: BOMBAY Tray Dryer is a direct heated type dryer for solid or liquid materials. Drying is carried out by forced air circulation in a cross-flow heating system. Strip heaters (for electrical heating) or steam tube coils (for steam heating) are mounted on both sides of the dryer. Depending on the working temperature required, adequate insulation thickness is provided to achieve the best efficiency.

Application: In pharmaceutical, food, chemical, dyestuff and allied industries.

Construction: Body-M.S. sheets forming double walls, fixed on inner and outer angular framework of M.S. Door-Also of double-walled M.S. sheets, with specially designed hinges to enable it to sit flush with the body when closed. Latch is provided

Trays-size (800 x 400 x 30 mm), offered in M.S., S.S., G.I., Aluminium, FRP, or Polypropylene.Trolley-Made from M.S. angle, can accomodate 48 trays each.
Finish-Spray-painted with heat resistant aluminium finish inside, and hammertone grey finish outside.

Insulation: Fiberglass wool between the double-walls of the body and door.

Heating: Electrical Heating-A bank of strip heaters on both sides of the dryer. Dryers upto 250 C working temperature are offered.

Steam Heating-A steam coll of Continuous finned tubes (tested at 300 psi). Dryers for working temperature of 100 C are offered. Electrical-Cum-Steam Heated area also available.

Temperature Control: An electronic temperature indicator is provided. A thermostat for the electrical heating or a steam controller (thermostat operated solenoid valve) provides temperature control.

Electrical Switchgear: This ensures automatic operation of heaters and locking them with fan motors. The 'On' position of the heaters and motors is indicated by a lighted pilot lamp.

Control Panel: The Switchgear, temperature indicator and control devices are mounted on a control panel located in an easily accessible position.

Optional: The following may be provided at extra Cost:

  1. Chlorinated rubber paint or epoxy based paint for the inside of the dryer to combat acidic and alkaline properties of the materials to be handled.

  2. Spray trolleys and trays.

  3. Steam fittings like traps, strainers, pressure gauge and valves.

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