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Effluent Recycling 

Mfrd. by Aireff detox Inc.




Aireff deTox was promoted in the late eighties by a group of technocrats from I.I.T. Mumbai, with firm belief in consistent efforts towards R & D. Though a few recycling plants were installed in India successfully, there were consistent efforts towards developing more cost-effective technologies to convert effluents into precious water.

The continued research finally gave breakthrough in 1991 when combination of various inert ceramics became irreplaceable component of the system adding to several merits over alternative technologies available in the world. Since then more than 100 plants have been installed all over India and abroad, apart from a large number of plants now under installation. The popularly known technology "The Aireff Tech-2001" has been successfully validated for Treatment & Recycling of effluents from;

1) Textile processing of synthetic, cotton, woolen, silk, rayon, and all other types of fabrics and yarns
2) Waste paper based Paper Mills
3) Sewage
4) Food processing
5) Sugar Industries
6) Pharmaceutical Industries and many others.


- Technology based on physio-chemical followed by regenerative adsorption.
- 100% colour and turbidity removal.
- Removes oil & grease.
- User friendly.
- Low operation & maintenance cost.
- Shortest commissioning period.

- Considerably lesser quantity of sludge generated as solid waste to dispose.
- Overcomes demerits of biological systems such as O & M cost, large area requirements, susceptibility to characteristically shocks, smell, etc.
- Possibility of brine generation for use in water softening plant and other process
- Compatibility to various types of effluents.


The crystal clear treated effluent physically at part with water having hardness between 60 to 150 ppm (as CaC03) can be reused in various industry specific processing applications. To mention, recycling is proven in dyeing, bleaching, printing, washing and even for humidification in Textile Industry and Paper mill. In case hardness is to be reduced additional dehardner is provided prior to reuse.

In case of deliberate recycling of effluents, the prime units formerly traded as Micro-cat-Filter and Decol, now upgraded to Graded 

Filtration Column cum Coalescensor (GFCC.) and Organosorber, respectively, are tailored to yield the desired quality.



Ease and economy in treating small quantity of effluents is the prime objective behind the engineering of the Package Plants.


  • Compact, prefabricated & transportable
  • Quick commisioning
  • Versatility in handling various types of effluents with options of only treatment or with recycling
  • Practically no major civil work required
  • Capacity: 0.50 KL/Hr. to 7.0 KL/Hr.
  • Excellent scope for resale due to transportability as single unit
  • Proven and guaranteed benefits with many installations in India & abroad


Facilitates bench scale demonstration the technology with various types of effluents.  

For more information we shall be at your service.


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