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Filter On Electrostatic Air Filtration Systems
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Filter On Electrostatic Air Filtration Systems

Conventional HVAC systems

load of fine particles directly passes on to HEPA and chokes them early. Because of this, the overall pressure drop of the system increases. This results in higher power consumption of blowers for the same air changes of air flow.

Frequent filter replacement
As HEPA filters get choked early, the replacement frequency is also more, which leads to higher recurring expenditure.

Downtime losses
Frequent replacement of HEPA filters leads to longer shut-downs, causing irrecoverable production losses.

Risk of multiplying bio-load
In case of media filters, the particles, along with various micro-organisms like bacteria, molds, fungus, etc. also get trapped in the upstream side of the filter. Because of these, bacteria colonies begin to form and multiply in the upstream side which is very dangerous for the system. Through ruptures or leaks in the filter elements, all such colonies can get transferred in the clean room environment and can spoil the entire production batch in case of pharmaceutical units.
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