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Package Chilling Units Water / Brine

Custom Engineer Packages

The refrigeration package units are designed to meet special requirements for standard or  unique applications. The units are designed and delivered rugged, energy-efficient for applications such as:
Food processing Beverage cooling
Dairy Products Dough chilling
Plastic molding Pharmaceuticals
Chemical processing Petrochemicals
Marine Service Supermarkets
Environmental Control Metal processing Industries
Edible Oil processing

System Details:

  • The package chilling unit consists of a compressor, motor, chiller, condenser controls, electrical control panel
    which are factory assembled and can arrive at job site ready for system hook-up, reducing field installation time to a minimum.

  • The condensing units are available in either Air cooled or Water cooled models.

  • Capacities range from 1 to 10 Tons in Air cooled units and upto 100 Tons in Water cooled units.

  • Temperature range available from 15 deg C for normal applications & upto-40 deg C for specialized applications.

  • Operation with refrigerants R12, R22, R502, and R717 or any other CFC free refrigerants.

  • Choice of energy efficient compressor, Hermetic and reciprocating for smaller capacity range and screw compressors for larger capacity.

  • The shell and tube condenser, chiller and receivers are manufactured as per ASME codes.

Package Benefits

Completely Packaged: The units are completely piped; wired and leak-tested and in some cases refrigerant is also charged. Only incoming Electrical and Water connections have to be provided at site.

Matched Systems: Components such as compressor, chiller, condenser, etc. are sized to meet peak load condition and to achieve maximum system efficiency.

Easily Serviced: Every part is accessible and replaceable, keeps down time and maintenance costs to a minimum.




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