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Modular Pre-FAB Cold Rooms


Custom Made, Flexible Installation:

Cold rooms are completely modulable as per the specific requirements of the end user. These Insulation Panels can be extended in three ways, Length, Width, Height. These panels are very flexible in installation & can adapt to the developing needs of the end user, for instance-to build partitions, to increase its Area, Height, or even to add another Cold store of a different height to the existing cold room. To move the cold room to new premises is very simple. All these panels are locked together by CAM Lock which is more easy to implement and provide fast, clean assembly of cold room.

Quality & Hygiene:

Quality of the material used for the panels provides the basis for the strength, long-life & reliability of Cold Rooms. The panels are CFC free & Fire Retardant. Vertical panels are available in varied widths of 400/600/800/1200 mm and are covered with food-safe quality plasticised film finish. The painted steel sheet allows easy maintenance & cleaning.

The floor panels are coated with a special non-skid finish and are able to withstand a distributed load of 3,000 kg/sq. mtrs.

Compliance with EEC hygiene standards makes the cold room ideal for various applications like hotels, bakeries, butcher shops, industrial kitchens, hospitals, etc.

Wide Range of Doors & Layouts:

Wide range of Doors like hinged doors, manual/automatic sliding doors, flip flap doors, hatch door, strip curtains can be provided. The cold room internal layouts cna be provided with shelvings, racks and chests.

Perfect Insulation means saving on Electricity bills:

Chilling requirements for ice creams, meat or fruit storage, are different.
The temperature outside the cold room is also an important point in the choice of insulation.
To comply with any specific requirements, we offer three insulation thickness:
- 60 mm, suitable for chillers only. (between +1 deg. C and + 8 deg. C.)
- 100 mm, suitable for chillers and freezers (down -18/25 deg. C.)
- 150 mm thick, for freezers and deep freezers.
In these conditions, foodstuffs are stored perfectly and energy consumption is optimised.

Refrigeration systems:

Split or Monoblock type refrigeration system can be incorporated to achieve various temperatures as per the products being stored. These units can have air-cooled or water cooled condensing systems. Compressors used in these systems can be of Hermetic or Semi-Hermetic models. Temperatures achievable with these units ranges from +10 to -40 deg. C.




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