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Cast Iron is a material renowned for its strength and robustness  to resist impact damage and mishandling on site. When installed below the building, iron provides exceptional resistance, to over vigorous rodding to clear any blockages which can occur, providing that added confidence in its proven performance over lesser materials. It is the perfect solution for exposed areas ie: car parks, shopping centres, schools etc., that are accessible to damage by accidental impact or act of vandalism.


When the risk of fire, and safety is of paramount importance to the design of the building, then cast iron has long been the choice for above ground systems. Requiring no special safety measures (i.e. fire collars or expensive cladding), cast iron saves time, simplifies installation and, in the event of fire, will not emit dangerous toxic fumes, often the cause of death during the first minutes of a fire. A Cast Iron System will not collapse under the intense heat of a fire, which can be life threatening to occupants and rescue teams and will in no way assist the fire to spread within buildings

Noise Reduction (The Silent Solution)

Tests have proven that out of the main materials used in drainage, cast iron with its high density has exceptional sound deadening qualities, eliminating the need for expensive sound insulation unlike lesser materials. The ability to transport waste fluids without causing irritation to the buildings occupants must be a consideration on projects such as Hospitals, Hotels, Flats and other residential type properties. Iron also contains low coefficient qualities, therefore eliminates the need for expansion joints.


Cast Iron is the best material, when the environment is a consideration, being 100% recyclable. The extended life span of the system in comparison to other materials reduces the use of natural resources, protecting the environment.

Simple in Design

Because cast iron does not require additional enhancements in terms of safety measures, cladding for fire and sound etc, the designer can concentrate solely on the pipe system. Today's cast iron systems like Ensign consist of a simplified range of fittings for use in many applications, couple this with the availability of CAD disks, specifying cast iron has never been easier.

Requires less Bedding

It is widely recognised, that because of its inherent strength qualities cast iron generally requires less bedding for support and stability, than most other materials.

Cost Effective

Cost is a major consideration for any drainage system, but must be assessed against all criteria, more directly 'the total installed cost', expected maintenance required, life expectancy and include a full risk assessment - the consequential cost of getting it wrong. Cast iron has no hidden additional costs, will last the life expectancy of the building and will always provide the specifier/installer the 'fit and forget' peace of mind. Grey Cast Iron is one of the cheapest metal and is often described as "best value for money"


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