Our Range of Products


C. I. Double Flanged Pipes as per IS-7181/1986 Class B and as per IS-1537 Class      B
 xs C. I. Centrifugally Cast Double Flanged Pipes with Screwed Flanges as per IS-1536,

        Class-LA, A & B

  C. I. Socket Spigot Spun pipes as per IS-1536, Class-LA, A& B
  C. I. Double flanged, Double Socketted, and Single Flanged Fittings as per IS-1538
      Class-B for Flanged Joints, Lead Joints and Tyton joints.

  C. I. Plain Ended Fittings as per IS-5531
  C. I. Mechanical Joint Fittings as per IS-13382
  C. I. Detachable Joints as per IS-8794
  C. I. Double Flanged Sluice Valves as per IS-780/84, IS-2906, BS-5163
  C. I. Double Flanged Reflux Valves as per IS-5312
  C. I. Globe Valves as per IS-9338
  C. I. Double Flanged Butterfly Valve as per AWWA C-504/ IS-13095/ BS-5155
  C. I. Air Valves
  C. I. Mechanical Couplings
  C. I. Expansion Joints
  C. I. Dismantle Joints
  C. I. pipes, fittings & valves to BS-4622 & other International Standards
  C. I. Manhole Covers and Frames, Gully Gratings, Surface Boxes
  C. I. Ornamental Castings

  C. I. Socket Leak Repair Clamps
  C. I. Flange Adapters
  M.S. Patch Clamps
  C. I. Nozzles

 C. I. Spray Headers    


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