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The experience over the last decade has automatically put Ocenic in the leading position in creating water Recreational facilities in India. Oceanic's leadership role has been enhanced by their reputation as the country's foremost Water park design specialist. The dedication to develop new designs and the best items has kept the developers and promoters coming to Oceanic to convert their ideas of Water Park into a reality.  Oceanic has emerged today as the country's number one Water Park Design specialist and Developer. Oceanic believes in a team approach for the development of successful Water Parks and will involve itself right from the concept and ideas up to the commissioning stage making exclusive parks in India passing through various stages like design, detailed engineering, supply of various types of   Slides, Wave Pools, Development of  Kiddies Complex and assisting in Erection, Commissioning & successfully bringing your dream into a lucrative reality. 

The emphasis is given to the safe design, product quality & service. The prime objective is to design most exciting rides for the entire family & the special emphasis is given to the children by developing various types of kiddies complex. Variety, high entertainment value and safety are the prime design considerations. We have the largest selection of various rides & every Water Park we create has tremendous entertainment value for all age groups. The result is the Water Sport activities, Water Parks & Resorts which are safe, profitable & thrilling.

OCEANIC designers are well trained specialists in the creation of complete Water Parks  in house. The water slides are designed by Engineers and Cad operators using latest state of art computer technology. We have inhouse Architects to prepare the layouts for your plot of land. All the aspects of Water Park are kept in mind while developing safe and efficient designs and layouts. All the Water Parks are designed such that they are different than each other in many aspects. The equal importance is given to kiddies area and Wave pool. All the rides are designed to give highly thrilling enjoyable and adventurous feeling. 

OCEANIC has emerged today as a leader in the water recretional industry with largest variety of products and rides. Dedication to the highest standard of materials and finishing are the major objectives in manufacturing. NPG based Gelcoat, best of the pigments, alternating layers of CSM and WR and Isopthalic resin are the major ingredients used for manufacturing quality products. The imported spray gun is used for manufacturing slides which avoids uneven layering by manual hand moulding process. The flumes and tubes can be provided from translucent or opaque materials. Thick matching flanges are provided for making proper joints which results into safe and thrilling ride.


if you haveve  about 5 to 6 acres or more land which is in the outskirts of major cities, it is an ideal location for Water Park which is the biggest attraction and Income generating device for Resorts. A well planned Water Park complex is inexpensive compared to the Amusement Park but is of great attraction for Children and Adult alike. You may not rule out 4,000 to 5,000 people on weekends and holidays in a good Water Park. Water Park provides more fun to the people in the country like India and other tropical countries, where weather is very hot and humid round the year. Water in the form of lake, river or sea is the known weakness for most of the people. OCEANIC can offer complete Water Park from concept to commissioning and to suit your budget. Please give maximum importance to landscaping. The  beauty of waterpark is in its landscaping. 


For water sports OCEANIC has many things to offer:

We can guide your architect in developing entire "WATER PARK" and various water rides.

BIG SPLASH: Thrilling cascading from Straight long and high FRP multiple slides with various shapes. We can offer WAVE SLIDES, FREE FALL and HARAKIRI slide where people can use float to slide down in dry area.

LAZY RIVER: Swim in crystal clear river of water artificially created, either in the direction of water flow or enjoy swimming in opposite direction or just laze around on floats.

FLUME: Semi circular FRP chute with gentle slope and gushing water flow will be an experience in life. Size can very from -24", 32", 42", 54", 72" etc. and 8 ft. wide family ride.

CRAZY RIVER: Thrilling water ride, to come down with crazy flow of water on a PVC float / rubber tube. The rides described above and many other can be provided beyond your imagination to create water park in your fantasy land. Even if you have new idea, we can convert them into realities.

TUBE SLIDE: Black hole tube, semi-transparent top or transparent top, tubular pipe like serpentine slide can give the maximum thrill.


Thousands of people visit the places from interiors of our country to see the Ocean. The sound of waves are found more relaxing and melodious and are considered the best natural music system created by God. There is a craze to visit the Sea Beach Resort all over the world. OCEANIC can create these

 waves in your Resort miles away from the sea. It is pleasure and more enjoyable riding the waves or just to sit on the shore of a Wave Pool and enjoy the melody of Waves.


enjoy comfort and luxury of club in your own bathroom by installing OCEANIC'S portable STEAM GENERATOR for steam bath. Steam opens the blocked pores of skin and makes you look fresh and healthy. STEAM unit is available in 6 Kw / 12 Kw and higher ratings in stainless steel construction. 

For dry heat 'OCEANIC'S' Sauna Heater is the most convenient unit. Easy to install and compact design makes it suitable for health club, bungalows and regular clubs. Available in 3 Kw / 6 Kw / 9 Kw and higher rating. The robust Stainless steel construction makes the unit most durable.

Enjoy the warm water hydrotherapy massage and relax after exhausting day by installing 'OCEANIC'S' Jacuzzi fittings on the bath tub. These nozzles, pump and piping can also be fitted on marble tubs or any other tub as per architects design. We can also supply robust FRP tub and on-line filters/heaters

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