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Utilizing a Powerful Combination of Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence and a Dedication to working with Our Customers, Pdc Provides Engineered Solutions to Satisfy the most Demanding Process Requirments.

Pdc Machines has been supplying high quality engineered equipment and services to the chemical, petrochemical, industrial gas, and pharmaceutical industries for over twenty years. Providing a wide range of products including reactors, diaphragm compressors, metering syringe pumps, and automated pilot plant systems, Pdc is dedicated to helping our customers stay on the leading edge of their technology. We offer:

  Extensive Engineering, Design and 

  Instrumentation & Control Expertise

  Basic to Fully Automated Turnkey Systems

  In-House Fabrication of Stand-Alone Products and Systems

  Flexible, Modular, and Expandable Designs to Meet Evolving Needs

  Short Lead Times and Firm Delivery Schedules

  Ongoing Commigment to Personal Service

  Exceptional and Incomparable Product Value

Skid Mounted Laboratory and Pilot Plant Process Systems

Custom designed and fabricated laboratory and pilot plant systems for process and product research. Areas of use include polymers, catalysts, hydrogenation, adsorption, refining, heavy oil upgrading, hydro cracking, supercritical fluids extraction, oxidation, hydrotreating, and specialized chemical production. Systems are completely skid mounted, piped, and wired including complete instrumentation, controls, and configuration for minimal installation and quick start-up.

Stirred Metal & Glass Reactors(CSTRs) and Pressure Vessels

Designed for studying reaction kinetics and developing and producting chemical formulations under controlled pressure and temperature conditions.

Capacities: Internal volumes from 50 cc to 500 gallons
Design Pressures: From full vacuum to 150,000 psi(10,300 bar)
Design Temperatures: Up to 2,500 F(1,400 C)
Agitation: Packless magnetic, packed or mechanically sealed drives with a comprehensive selection of motors and impellers.
Materials of Construction: Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, titanium, carbon steel, and other machinable alloys.

Magnetic Drives & Stirring Systems

Pdc's magnetic drives are packless with no dynamic seals providing leak-tight and environmentally safe mixing. They are ideal for working with toxic, hazardous, or high-purity materials for protecting the health of workers, the environment, and the integrity of the product. Features of the simple design include minimal and esay maintenance and smooth operation at high rpm. Built for pressures from full vacuum to 40,000 psi(2,750 bar), these mag drives are available in a wide range of torques(upto 2,000 in. Lbs/230 Nm), alloys and sizes to suit most mixing requirements. Stirrer options include flat & pitched blades, helical ribbon, anchor, gas dispersion, and custom designs.

Metallic Diaphragm Compressors

Designed for contamination-free and leak-tight gas compression. Pdc's triple diaphragm design makes these compressors ideal for use for cylinder filling, off-loading, and transferring of high-purity, rare, toxic, flammable, hazardous, oxidizing, or radioactive gases. Constructed for general purpose or hazardous locations.

Type: Single-stage, multiple-stage, and duplex units. Basic compressors to fully automated skid-mounted compression systems.
Design Pressures: From atmospheric to 60,000 psi(4,100 bar)
Flow Rates: Over 880 Scfm
Horse Power: 3 hp to 250 hp
Metering Syringe Pumps

Designed for precise and pulseless injection of fluids at a constant pressure and constant flow rate. Pdc's syringe pumps can be installed in a hazardous environment.

Flow rates: Programmable flow rates from 1 l/hour to 200 ml/minute
Accuracy & repeatability of flow: Up to 0.05%
Discharge Pressures: Up to 60,000 psi(4,100 bar)
Pump Barrel Temperatures: Upto 850 F(450 C)
Barrel Capacities: 50 cc to 1500 cc
Seals: Self-energizing, adjustable, with lead port

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