Engineering Services

PDC Machines provides full service, value-added engineering design and construction of modular skid mounted systems for an extensive array of processes to the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, refining and energy industries.

Nurturing innovation for an extensive array of processes, PDC helps companies around the globe develop and capitalize on technical innovation and react quickly to new market opportunities. We provide our clients with leading edge technology tools for research and production applications in many industries.



  • Solution polymerizations
  • Fluid bed polymerizations
  • Condensation polymerizations
  • Specialty polymers and monomer recovery


  • Separations
  • Chiral Selectivity
  • Parallel Synthesis
  • Multi-step Processing

PDC pilot plant system 3D model


  • Catalyst Development
  • Multi-purpose Mini-plants
  • Supercritical Wet Oxidation
  • Batch to Continuous-flow Scale-up


  • Solids Blending
  • Starch Processing
  • Supercritical Extraction
  • Hydrogenation/Dehydrogenation

Process and instrumentation diagram


  • Alternative Fuels
  • Syngas / Fuel Cell
  • Supercritical Processing
  • Liquefaction / Upgrading


  • Reforming
  • Isomerization
  • Hydrotreating
  • Hydrocracking


  • Amination
  • Alkylation
  • Carboxylation
  • Crystal Growth


Engineering Services

PDC has a multi-disciplinary engineering staff with mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering expertise that enables us to develop your concept to its greatest potential. We use the latest engineering software packages for automating the design process so we can design customized equipment providing the greatest value and fastest deliveries.

Since PDC engineer designs systems all the time, we are aware of the latest innovations in hardware, instrumentation, controls and automation software. Therefore, PDC selects components and materials from industry standard suppliers recognized for the performance, high quality and durability of their products.

PDCs engineering services includes:

  • Providing a cost estimate for the construction of the skid

  • Detailed engineering design and drawings

Skid Construction Estimate:

PDC will prepare a construction estimate for the process skid fabrication. This estimate will not include site-related concerns such as utilities to the skid, site preparation, etc. The estimate will include all engineering, fabrication labor, instruments, major equipment, materials for skid construction, etc. This includes:

  1. Developing a Process and Instrumentation Drawing A complete a formal P and ID will be provided.

  2. Developing a Detailed Instrument List A detailed instrument listing will be created.

  3. Developing a Detailed Equipment List - PDC will specify the appropriate equipment and a detailed equipment listing will be created.

Detailed Engineering Design and Drawings:

This will include all the above and:

  1. Develop Detailed Instrument Data Sheets - Detailed data sheets will be developed for each instrument in an ISA style format.

  2. Develop Detailed Equipment Data Sheets - Detailed data sheets will be developed for each piece of equipment in an ISA style format.

  3. Develop a Tie-In listing - A detailed tie-in list, covering both process and utility connections, will be provided.

  4. Develop a General Arrangement for the Skid Fabrication - PDC will develop a 3D model utilizing 3D software. This model will include representations of all major equipment located in the proposed arrangement and will be used as the basis for the actual skid fabrication.

  5. Assembly Drawings - Cross sectional assembly drawings will be provided for all PDC fabricated components including reactors, tanks, agitators, sub system general arrangements where applicable, control panels, etc.

  6. Control System Drawings Electrical schematic drawings and control panel arrangements correlating to the bill of materials will be provided. 

  7. Control Configuration Outline A document providing an outline format of the control system hierarchy, graphical screen descriptions and their specific contents, operator interface functions, alarm requirements, listing of historical/real time trend elements and miscellaneous details pertaining to any system specific control requirements. 

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