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PUMA Drives Provide Engineered Solutions To Meet Your Mixing Needs

PDC Machines proudly introduces its PUMA Drive line of magnetically driven agitator systems. By using a single static seal instead of a dynamic or mechanical seal between the drive and the vessel, PUMA Drives have set the standard for environmental safety. Our technology assures leak-free, contamination-free and emissions-free mixing at high pressures and temperatures. It also protects the health of your personnel and the environment and ensures the integrity of your product. PUMA Drives are an ideal choice when working with toxic, hazardous, highly corrosive or high-purity materials.

The operating concept for the PUMA Drive is surprisingly simple yet thoroughly effective. Drawing on proprietary technology, PDC utilizes a magnetic coupling between an outer magnet assembly - driven by a motor - and an inner magnet assembly, separated by the PUMA Drive tube. When the outer magnet assembly rotates the torque is magnetically transferred through the stationary drive tube to the inner magnets attached to the drive shaft.


 Mid-Size Magnetic Drive Assembly
 A PDC 70 in. lb. magnetic mixer or magnetic stirrer
with DC motor, belt,   belt guard, and flat blade impeller

Belt Drive vs. Direct Drive

PUMA Drive's are quick and easy to maintain resulting in less down time and low operating costs. Within minutes, the PUMA Drive can be disassembled, for cleaning the drive tube and inner shaft or replacing the bearings, then reassembled without ever needing to touch the V-belt drive assembly. In contrast it is cumbersome and time consuming to perform the same service on a direct drive magnetic agitator.

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