Pilot Plants - Complete Skid-Mounted Bench Scale to Pilot Plant Process Systems for a variety of basic and applied process research and development applications.



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Pilot Plant

    Bench Scale Process System

Twin reactor pilot system provided a variety of scale-up, waste reduction and process improvement in the Polymer and Composites fields covering technologies from Coatings, Adhesives and Cosmetics to Sanitary, Casting and Marine industries. Click on the image above for a more detailed view.

PDC will tailor systems for your research and development needs.




Providing Advanced Process Systems Through Continuous Innovation and Superior Performance

Utilizing a powerful combination of engineering and manufacturing excellence and a dedication to working with our customers, Pdc is a valuable partner for providing process systems to keep you on the forefront of your industry.

Our clients include Air Products & Chemicals, Bayer, Dow Chemical Company, Celanese Chemicals, Cook Composites & Polymers, E.I. Du Pont, Engelhard Corporation, ExxonMobil Chemical Co., General Electric Corporate R&D, International Specialty Products, Penford Products Co., PQ Corporation, Rohm & Haas, Sartomar Co., Witco Chemical Corp., W.L. Gore & Associates, Saudi Arabia Basic Industries (SABIC), and others.

Skid-Mounted Pilot Plant
We provide skid-mounted units for easy field installation. Click the picture to see additional photographs of the interior and description .

3-Dimensional representations
PDC uses 3-D modeling to help our customers participate closely in the design of their pilot plants.

For decades, PDC has excelled in process skid fabrication projects rangning from simple bench-scale lab equipment to complex computer controlled turnkey pilot plant and mini-plant systems. Our experience spans a wide range of clients with unique and challenging process requirements. Pdc teams with its clients and often surpasses their expectations by providing:
  • Complete system integration
  • Fixed price contracts
  • Technical excellence
  • Superior quality
  • Dedicated service
  • Firm deliveries to tight deadlines
  • Quick response to ongoing changes during fabrication without affecting delivery
  • Exceptional product value
  • Quickest turn-around in the industry

Cost-Effective Systems Integration

Pdc's overall team approach to engineering and manufacturing provides technically optimal, high-quality, and cost-effective systems.

  • Customized solutions to meet your unique process requirements

  • Modular, flexible, and expandable system designs to accommodate changing budget and process needs

  • Designed and constructed for safety in accordance with applicable codes and standards. Systems can be manufactured for installation in hazardous classified areas

  • PC,PLC, or DCS based control systems utilizing the client's preferred hardware and software (including Wonderware®, Intellution®, Cimplicity®, Think & Do®, LabVIEW®, RSView®, and others)

  • Reliable state-of-the-art designs and components - Pdc procures components and materials from industry-respected suppliers who are recognized for the performance, high quality and durability of their products


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