Stirred, Chemical, Laboratory, Pilot-plant Reactors, CSTRs, Autoclaves and fixed bed reactors

Agitated reactors (Autoclaves or stirred reactor) by PDC come in a broad range of alloys, capacities, and design pressures. We manufacture custom-designed stirred reactors for a variety of process reactions. Our stirred reactors are used in laboratories, pilot plants, and small-scale production facilities.

For more information on our Pilot Plants and Process Systems click here for Stirred Reactor Brochure

PDC constructs stirred reactors and pressure vessels from most machinable alloys. Capacities range from 50 cc to 500 gallons (2 m3). Agitated reactor design pressures range from full vacuum to 150,000 psig (10,300 bar). Temperatures range from -400 oF to 2,500 oF ( -200 oC to 1,400 oC).

Each stirred reactor is a complete system. This includes the reactor vessel, supporting stand, agitation assembly (magnetic stirrer, drive motor, belt, belt guard, impeller and digital tachometer), multiple process connections, drain, sample tube, temperature sensor, cooling coil and rupture disc assembly. Heating system and controls are optional.

We offer a complete skid mounted stirred reactor system complete with product loading, feed, reaction and receiving modules, mass balance and product analysis. We also offer a variety of controls from simple manual controls to advanced PC-based SCADA and DCS. Please refer to our pilot plant section for additional information.

Features and specifications of Pdc stirred reactor (chemical reactor):


  • Packed, packless, and mechanically sealed agitators
  • Simple bolted closure
  • Numerous gasket options
  • Construction in accordance with ASME codes
  • National Board Registration available
  • Materials of Construction per your specifications for compatibility with your process
  • Process connections per your specifications
  • Liquid sampling
  • Internal cooling
  • Over-pressure and over-temperature protection
  • Temperature sensor
  • Custom control systems


  • Capacities: From 50cc to 500 gallons (2 m3)
  • Design pressure: From full vacuum to 150,000 psig (10,300 bar)
  • Design temperature: From -400 oF to 2500 oF (-200 oC to 1,400 oC)
  • Stand arrangements: bench-top or floor mount
  • Materials of construction: Most machinable alloys such as Stainless Steel, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium, etc.
  • Internal finish: From mill standard to #7 mirror polish
  • Process Contacting Seals: Teflon, Viton, Kalrez, Buna N, etc.
  • Agitator Drives: Packed, packless magnetically coupled, and mechanically sealed
  • Agitator Motor: Electric AC or DC, Air, Variable speed for hazardous and non-hazardous electrical classification
  • Impellers: Flat and pitched blade, helical ribbon, gas dispersion, anchors, catalyst baskets, and specials
  • Heating system: Electrically heated or jacketed for steam or hot oil heating
  • Standard equipment includes: Multiple process connections and drain, sampling tube, temperature sensor, cooling coil, rupture disc assembly, digital agitator tachometer
  • Control systems available: Temperature, pressure, agitator, etc.
  • Data acquisition


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