Syringe Pumps

PDC designs rugged Metering Syringe Pumps for an extremely accurate injection of fluids irrespective of viscosity into a system at a consistent flow and constant output pressure. We design single and double barrel syringe pumps for batch and continuous flow operations. In a continuous flow operation, one barrel is discharging fluid, while the other retracts, pressurizes to set pressure and gets ready for transfer.

Duplex Metering Syringe Pump Photograph and Scale Drawing
A PDC duplex pump with computer control for precise fluid injection.
These pumps provide continuous flow rate and output pressure


PDC's syringe pumps are ideal for use in laboratories, pilot plants and industrial production applications when there is a need for:

  • Consistent & extremely accurate pulseless flow
  • Constant output pressure
  • Rugged & continuous duty operation

Standard features include:

  • Flow Rates: Programmable from 1 micro-liter an hour to 200 ml a minute
  • Flow Characteristics: Pulseless, linear output flow
  • Accuracy and repeatability of flow +/-0.05%
  • Discharge Pressures: Up to 60,000 psi (4,100 bar)
  • Pump Barrel Temperature: Up to 850F (450 C)
  • Barrel Capacities: 50 cc to 1500 cc
  • Simplex (single) Barrel Design: Batch operation
  • Duplex (two) Barrel Design: Continuous operation
  • Plunger & Barrel Materials of construction: Available in Stainless Steel, Hastelloys, Inconels, Monels, Nickel, Titanium for process compatibility
  • Seals: Double, self-energizing, adjustable with leak port for collection of leaks for mass balance
  • Packing: Standard is graphite filled teflon (PTFE), other packing materials are optional
  • Drive Motors:  Servo, Vector, Variable Frequency

Duplex Syringe Pump


PLC based and relay logic user-friendly controls make it easy for the operator to set system parameters such as pressure and flow rates. Customer has option of local control/ display panel mounted on skid or remotely linked to DCS interface inputs or PC based MMI.

For simplex designs, control/display panel is supplied loose for customer local or remote mounting.

Syringe Pump Control Panel

PDC's Syringe Pumps can be installed in hazardous areas:

PDC's syringe pumps can be located in Class 1, Divisions 1& 2, Groups B, C, D:

  • All Components on pump skid are wired to a local Nema 7,9 junction box
  • Pump controller (enclosed in a Nema 4,12 junction box) is supplied loose for mounting in a non-classified area, or pump controller can be mounted locally if purged
  • Inter-connecting wiring is done by customer after skid and pump controller are installed

Optional features:

  • High -speed reverse for fast barrel filling
  • Electrically heated barrel (s)
  • Jacketed barrels for heating/cooling by customer

Electrical Requirements:

  • Per customer specifications

Syringe Pump for Hazardous Area Installation

Single Barrel Metering Syringe Pump Photograph and Scale Drawing
PDC 500cc Single Barrel pump

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