grado 964 Profiler Controllers
  • Compact temperature controller with full profile capability

  • Fuzzy logic tuning to provide best-case approach at the push of a button

  • 4 programs stored; each may have up to 16 segments

  • All segments free formable; may be easily programmed as ramp or soak (dwell)

  • Programming in rate or time mode

  • All time base parameters are in hours/mins or mins/secs

  • Software package for easy set-up and programming

  • Delayed start feature

  • Powerful profile recovery feature in case of interruption

  • Profile cycling; choose from 1-9999 or infinite cycles

  • Two line high luminosity LED display

  • Configurable universal input for 3-wire RTD Pt100, thermocouple and freely scaleable DC Linear (mA, mV or V)

  • Wide choice of control outputs (relay, SSR drive or DC linear) to suit most applications

  • Optional profile active output and event output

  • Optional Alarm, Recorder and Cool control outputs

  • Optional RS 485 Serial Port or Remote Profile Run/Hold input

  • 90-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz supply voltage

  • Optional 22-50 V AC/DC supply voltage

  • CE, UL and IP66 / NEMA 4 rated