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Copper Pipes Vs Pipes

Copper the only material to stand the test of time in plumbing. True, compared to other plumbing material copper scores by far in all respects. Hence proves cost effective in the long run.

  • Non-corrosive
  • Durable
  • Hygienic
  • Free flow
  • Easy Installation
  • User friendly
  • Maintenance Free
  • Image Plus

Copper plumbing. Ideal for households, hotels, hospitals, institutions etc.


Leakproof Copper Plumbing Systems

The only way to stop water from spoiling your beautiful walls is by installing a leadproof Plumbing System. RAJCO-IMI, UK brings Copper Plumbing to your door step to ensure that you will no longer spend money and time breaking your bathroom/toilet frequently to replace leaking water pipes. Copper Plumbing offers various advantages.

LEAKPROOF: Copper plumbing does not react with potable water. Hence, there are no leakages once installed for a life time unlike Conventional Pipes which will leak in 10-15 years.

EASY TO INSTALL: Copper is very easy to install and we will train your plumber in easy and fast installation.

SMOOTH & FREE FLOW: Restricted flow and pressure loss occurs due to inner layer rust formation in the pipes. On the other hand, copper does not react with water & therefore no rusting occurs allowing free flow and no pressure loss throughout its lifetime.

HYGIENE: Copper, the spiritual metal of choice, kills most bacteria in water and is a safeguard against water borne diseases.

MAINTENANCE FREE: Install it and forget it. There is no need to maintain or change a copper plumbing system for over 100 years.

VALUE FOR MONEY (VFM): Copper is value for money because, copper once installed does not need repairs at all.

NOT EXPENSIVE: Copper is not at all expensive, as the cost difference between copper & GI is negligble to the benefits gained.

Most countries like USA, all over Europe, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE and many others use only copper for plumbing. Worldwide, Copper plumbing Systems have a proven track record for more than 80 years of trouble free service.


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