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RAJCO COPPER PIPES FOR PLUMBING     Mfrd. by Rajco Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd.


The Copper Plumbing System
Copper plumbing systems were first developed commercially at the beginning of the twentieth century, although copper has been used for conveying water since ancient times. It is now accepted  as the preferred choice for hot and cold water installations in domestic ,commercial and industrial situations in many countries throughout the world .

Tubes and fittings are stocked and used world-wide ,out performing  other materials due to  their unique and versatile properties and , in a more environmentally conscious world , this recyclable resource offers excellent health benefits such as inhibiting legionella.

Copper plumbing systems are strong ,rigid, and durable. They can withstand extreme heat , offer great resistance to fire and have an excellent resistance to expansion , whilst the smooth bore ensures high water flow performance.

Copper is completely impermeable to hydrocarbons , keeping out viruses and bacteria, harmful fluids such as fats, oils and solvents , corrosion inducing oxygen ,herbicides and insecticides.

IMI Yorkshire Fittings Ltd manufacture a complete range of fittings suitable for all hot and cold   water and gas installations  from 6mm to 108mm. The ' Yorkshire Potable' and Kuterlite ranges are precision made and conform  to BS 864 : Part 2, being manufactured under a  BS 5750 Quality system , approved by the British Standards Institute.

Copper tubes suitable for use with these fittings are manufactured  by Rajco Metal Industries Pvt Ltd, and are inspected and tested to the high standards required by BS2871:PART 1.

Rajco Metal Industries manufacture copper tube to the quality requirements of numerous  specifications and the  company's products are accepted throughout India.

A comprehensive product range is available in a wide variety of sizes and all copper tube is ideal for hot and cold water services and gas and steam applications. Table x half  hard condition to BS2871:  part1 : 1971 is a general purpose tube for above -ground services ,i.e. hot and cold water , sanitation , gas and engineering  applications. Half  hard temper is available in straight lengths.

Smaller sizes of copper tube can be bent easily using appropriate bending springs or tube bending machines, however , tube above 22mm diameter should only be bent using a bending machine. In all instances when bending , the manufacturer's instructions  and recommendations should be adhered to . Hard condition copper tube is not designed to be bent in any way.

Both IMI Yorkshire Fittings and Rajco Metal Industries have an established reputation for manufacturing excellence. 

Table X Half Hard Condition Tolerances

Sizes mm 6 8 10 12 15 22 28 35 42 54 67 76 108 133 159


Maximum Outside Diameter mm 6.045 8.045 10.045 12.045 15.045 22.055 28.055 35.07 42.07 54.07 66.75 76.30 108.25 133.50 159.50
Manimum Outside Diameter mm 5.965 7.965 9.965 11.965 14.965 21.975 27.975 34.99 41.99 53.99 66.60 76.15 108.00 133.25 159.25
Wall Thickness 0..6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.7 0.9 0.9 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.5 1.5 1.5 2.0
Maximum Working Pressure at 65o C Bar 133 97 77 63 58 51 40 42 35 27 20 24 17 14 15


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