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Free Design Service

Want to learn which standard product is best for your application? Simply click on the graphic that best represents your application.

Once you fill out the form and click "Calculate", the design calculator will quickly show:
  • The system's heat load
  • The system's operating temperatures,
  • The dew point so you can check for water condensation
  • The appropriate standard cooler
You can also:
  • Vary insulation thickness, size, heat load, and operating temperatures to see how the heat load and recommended cooler changes
  • Estimate the ranges of cooler size and input power that would be required if a cooler were to be specially designed for the application
  • Send yourself a summary report so you have a record of the results
Once a standard cooler is determined, you can follow the links on the sidebar to the specific web page for the recommended product (an AC-xxx unit is an "Air Cooler"; an CP-xxx is a "Cold Plate"; and an LC-xxx is a "Liquid Cooler"). The product web pages contain all of the pertinent information for your system: size, power consumption, performance graphs, and our recommendations for temperature controllers and power supplies.

If you expect that you will need a total of 50 or more cooling units, then a custom unit (either a modified standard product or a completely custom product) can often be optimized to provide lower cost and power consumption. In this case, when you are completing the design analysis, just tell us your additional requirements in the "Comments" box and then select the option that says "Click to Have an Engineer Contact You". We will receive a copy of this report so we can respond with our comments and recommendations.

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